Are you ready to find a better way to live with your dog?


Thank you for visiting The Clever Canine Training Center! Are you looking for a way to have a better behaved pup? At The Clever Canine, we want to offer you hope! Our programs are designed to train dogs and teach families. We will guide you through the challenges and support you every step of the way!


Perhaps you have just brought home a new puppy or rescued a dog from your local shelter, getting off on the right foot with training will set you and your pup up for a lifetime of success.

Maybe your pup needs help walking on a leash, being less exuberant when guests come over, or coming when you call him from the backyard. These are struggles we have all been through and The Clever Canine Training Center can teach you how to manage and live with your pup.

No matter which program you choose, the success of your pup is ultimately YOU! We will guide you through the process of teaching you to communicate with your dog and setting the expectation by the consistency in your home.


Training is just the beginning of the journey with your pup. It is a lifetime of love, work and dedication.

We would love to meet you and your pup! We offer FREE consultations so we can get to know each other and discuss which program is best suited for you and your pup. Email, call or click here to schedule your FREE consultation.




Private Lessons are a great way to focus on your dog’s training needs in a
one on one setting. This on-leash program is an opportunity for you to have
a more hands on experience.

  • Monday – Friday for two consecutive weeks

  • This on leash program is for the family that has a full schedule and would like someone else to establish the obedience foundation with their dog

  • We will train your dog throughout the day and have 2 lessons with the family

  • This off leash e-collar program is perfect for the owner who wants to have control at a distance

  • The e-collar can also be used to manage undesirable behaviors with proper low level conditioning

  • This is a 5 day program

  • Dogs must have been through private lessons or day training to be eligible for this program

  • Canine Conditioning workshop

  • Tricks are for pups workshop

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