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Thank you for visiting The Clever Canine Training Center! Are you looking for a way to have a better behaved pup? At The Clever Canine, we want to offer you hope! Our programs are designed to train dogs and teach families. We will guide you through the challenges and support you every step of the way!


Perhaps you have just brought home a new puppy or rescued a dog from your local shelter, getting off on the right foot with training will set you and your pup up for a lifetime of success.

Maybe your pup needs help walking on a leash, being less exuberant when guests come over, or coming when you call them from the backyard. These are struggles we have all been through and The Clever Canine Training Center can teach you how to manage and live with your pup.

No matter which program you choose, the success of your pup is ultimately YOU! We will guide you through the process of teaching you to communicate with your dog and setting the expectation by the consistency in your home.


Training is just the beginning of the journey with your pup. It is a lifetime of love, work and dedication.

We would love to meet you and your pup! We offer FREE consultations so we can get to know each other and discuss which program is best suited for you and your pup. 

Meet the Team!


Jennifer Magee

Founder and Owner

Hello, I’m Jennifer, the owner of The Clever Canine Training Center. I have always had a passion for animals but particularly dogs. Throughout my life I have had gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, chameleons, fish, guinea pigs, one cat, but mostly dogs. Dogs were always my companions, even in a household full of people. As a young girl, I tried to train them with the limited amounts of knowledge I could find. I’ll be honest, most were not very well trained! Fast forward many years. My husband and I purchased a Japanese Akita. He was somewhat experienced with the breed but I was not. Because of the nature of the breed and my desire to become a dog trainer, I wanted to attend dog training school so I could learn to train him and pursue this as a career. Unfortunately, the timing just wasn’t right. It wasn’t until a number of years later, I was finally able to attend National K-9 in Columbus, OH. I took my young poodle, Sunshine. She was the driving force behind my decision this time. She was hell on wheels and I needed help with her! I sought out a local trainer but did not want to send her away for training. Finally, the timing was perfect for me to go to dog training school and I took her along!



Dog Trainer

Lauren was born and raised in Louisville. She started as a part time trainer and has since taken the lead position of our "Clever Care" program. Lauren loves bringing new and fun games to our dogs.



Dog Trainer

Meg didn’t grow up with dogs in the house, but as an adult fell in love with all things dogs. She enjoys furthering her education and that of her dogs. She has had the opportunity to train 4 dogs of her own, all rescues and rehomes with challenging backgrounds, before becoming a trainer.

It's more than just a love for dogs...

Our team has worked hard to bring quality service to our clients. We are constantly learning more to give our clients and their pups the very best.

Our credentials

  • Certified Trick Dog Instructor

  • Certified Canine Conditioning Coach

  • Member of the International Association
    of Canine Professionals

  • Certificate of Achievement,
    Monks of New Skete and Marc Goldberg

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

  • AKC Fit Dog Instructor

  • Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR

  • Certificate of Achievement, Michael Ellis, The Principles of Dog Training

  • Certificate of Achievement, STSK9 Master View Training Course

  • Robert Cabral Shelter Dog Training

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