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Has your dog mastered all the easy party tricks like "bow" and "rollover"? Maybe it's time to challenge yourself and your dog through our AKC Intermediate Trick Dog Class! Be the life of the party with these new tricks! We will be helping you lay the foundation for so many different things - like your dog getting a bottle of water for you from the fridge! 

Your pup will learn the following 11 tricks:

  • Sit Pretty

  • Weave Poles (agility poles)

  • Balance a Treat on their Nose/Head

  • Open the Door

  • Leg Weave

  • Head Down

  • Heel + Autosit

  • Close the Door

  • Carry an Object

  • Wave

  • Catch

- When coming to class, all dogs should be on a flat-buckle collar and a 6ft leash. Bring rewards.

- Proof of vaccinations required. (DAP, Bordetella, Rabies, and Canine Influenza).

- 1 handler per dog.

-Class minimum 8, class maximum 12.

Class is held Wednesday from 6pm - 7pm

Starting April 12 - May 17 2023

Click the link below to sign up!

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