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Did you bring a new puppy into your family and need a little help getting him off to a great start? Our Puppy Day Training Program is for pups between 12-18 weeks old. Early socialization and an introduction to structure is critical during these early weeks.

Your puppy will be introduced to basic obedience commands such as:

  • Sit

  • Place

  • Heel

  • Come

  • Kennel

  • Introductions to nail trims and brushing

This one week program will help create an abundance of structure throughout the day. This in turn will help with house training and crate training.

Like our Day Training Program, we will do this by training your pup in our facility daily, Monday-Friday for 5 days. The drop off times are 8:00am-9:00am and pick up times are 4:00pm-5:30pm.

The Puppy Day Training Program includes one private lesson.

As a BONUS, you will become a member of The Clever Canine Club! As a member, you will receive an invitation to our monthly group follow up! These group follow ups are great way to work with your dog with distractions and to tweak your skills as a handler. They are always great fun!

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