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Grooming comes to The Clever Canine!


Appointments start May 8, 2024


Meghan Pohler


Meghan Pohler

I have been grooming for nearly two years, with dedicated experience in the meticulous care and pampering of dogs of diverse sizes and breeds. Having resided in Louisville most of my life, my passion for the welfare of animals, spanning from our scaly companions to our beloved furry friends, has been a guiding force in my professional journey. My goal is to provide both you and your pet with a calming yet satisfying experience. Whether giving your dog a flattering haircut or a deshedding bath, I am dedicated to achieving excellence. Through meticulous grooming services, I aim to relax both pet and owner.

Pricing is based on size/weight, coat condition and temperament. Dogs with severe matting or pelting are quoted at the premium price plus additional time to demat, and will vary. Anal glands are only expressed upon request.

Our Services

Basic Bath:

Basic shampoo/conditioner

Brush Out

Nail Trim

Paw Pad Trim

Clean Up Sanitary Area

Clean ears


Tidy Up:

Everything in Basic Bath

Trim/Shape head, face, legs, feet, tail and butt



All of the above plus full body haircut

A La Carte

Nail Trim $15

Nail Grind $20

Teeth Cleaning $15

Blueberry Facial $12

Anal Glands $20

Flea Bath Add $10 to any service


Small: 0-22 pounds​​​​​

Basic Bath:   $35-$45​​​​​

Tidy Up:  $48-$55

Premium:  $58-$65

Deshed: Add $10


Medium:  23-55 pounds

Basic Bath:  $48-$58

Tidy Up:  $61-$68

Premium:  $70-$75

Deshed: Add $15


Large:  56-89 pounds

Basic Bath:  $60-$68

Tidy Up:  $70-$78

Premiium:  $80-$90

Deshed: Add $20


XL: 90+ pounds

Basic Bath:  $70-$80

Tidy Up:  $81-$88

Premium:  $90-$100

Deshed:  Add $25

Basic Bath for puppies
up to 16 weeks: $35


Premium: Poodles/Doodles

up to 15 pounds $65

16-40 pounds $80

41-65 pounds $100

Over 66 pounds $118 and up


Poodle/Doodle puppies up to 16 weeks: $50

*Morning appointments will be done by noon or before and afternoon appointments will be done by 5:30pm or before. You will be contacted upon completion to pick up your pup. You are welcome to schedule a half day of Clever Care for an extended stay, $25.

*Sales tax will be added

*3% service fee added to debit/credit card purchases

Let’s work together to make your pup the best it can be!

1833 Plantside Drive,

Louisville KY 40299

Tel: 123-456-7890

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